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November definitely isn’t time to halt in the garden and landscape. It’s a great time to “put things to bed” per say. You may have already completed some of these tasks – if so, just skip!


  • Apply step 4 Fertilome Winterizer. Click here for a link to Evergreen’s 4 Step DIY lawncare program.
  • Decide what to do with your lawn leaves. You can rake them and burn/bag them or have them removed. You can also just chop them up with a lawnmower OR just leave them as they are. Fallen leaves make a great host for a variety beneficial insects!



  • Clean and store garden tools.
  • Remove weeds (still an important step to help prevent more spread of seed germination)


  • Pot up some indoor blooming bulbs such as Paperwhites or Amaryllis for beautiful indoor color. (They make great presents, too!)


  • Ensure that your fall crops are getting enough water. As the temps cool, less water will be needed but a good weekly water may still be needed at the time.
  • Plant cover crops in the garden, if desired.


  • Cut back perennials that have been damaged by frost such as Hosta, Coneflowers, Daylily, etc. You can read more about late fall pruning here.
  • Cut back Banana trees and cover with straw, pine needles, or pine bark soil conditioner to help protect over the winter.


  • Plant mixed pots of Pansies, Violas, Cabbage, Kale & Swiss Chard.
  • Plant Spring blooming bulbs such as Tulips, Crocus, & Daffodil. Read more about planting bulbs here
  • Store clay and non-frost proof ceramic pots indoors for the winter. Use a scrub brush and hose to clean them out and once they dry, store in a protected place such as a garage. TIP: Store clay pots separately. Do not stack them as they can expand and become very difficult to separate


  • Click here for a detailed post on Winterizing Your Water Garden
  • Remove all floating aquatic water Hyacinths and Lettuce
  • Cut back all marginal aquatic plants
  • Cover water garden with netting to prevent leaves and debris from falling into water garden
  • Do a thorough cleaning of filters and pumps
  • We recommend keeping pumps running throughout the season to prevent freeze damage
  • If you decide to turn them off, make sure they are either removed completely from the water garden or completely empty of water to avoid freezing and breakage


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