So many southern landscapes include plant varieties that bloom seasonally. Azaleas dot our landscape in April and Knockout roses provide red and pink colors in late May and early June. But as the summer months lengthen hydrangeas take over the color palettes of our gardens until crepemyrtles spike in colors of pink, red and white during August.

Hydrangeas have long been a part of our southern landscapes but the older varieties only bloomed on the old wood from the previous year. For decades Nikko Blue had been the hydrangea favorite but once Michael Dirr, of the University of Georgia, introduced Hydrangea macrophylla Bailmer, commonly known as the Endless Summer Hydrangea to our landscapes, new cultivars that bloom from late May until early fall with continued new blooms have dominated the marketplace.

Over the past years 3 other cultivars within the Endless Summer collection were introduced, Blushing Bride, Twist-n-Shout and this years BloomStruck. All 4 of these cultivars bloom on new and old wood.

There are several other collections including Proven Winner Limelight, Little Lamb Lets Dance and Quick Fire.