There is nothing like the soothing sound of water in the garden. The trickle of a small stream gurgling across rocks is relaxing and cooling on a hot summer day. Your options for adding water to the garden are varied. You can build a small recirculating stream in your flower garden or on your back patio. You can build a small pond for water plants and maybe even fish. You can even go full bore and create a fountain garden with a pool. The options are only limited by your budget and your yard size.

Here are some factors to keep in mind when deciding on adding a water feature to your yard:

  • Installation: You can make your own water feature using stones, pumps, prefabricated pools and liners, and sculptures. Many types of water features are easy to assemble and create, especially if you are just building a small cascading waterfall in the garden. If you are looking to create a larger pool with falls or a fountain, you might consider using a kit or hiring a professional to come in and install the water feature for you.
  • Budget: Think about how much you want to spend on this water feature. You can install a simple unit for less than $100 or spend thousands creating a pond and an elaborate fountain. Know your budget up front before you go shopping or talk to contractors.
  • Climate: Consider where you live. If live in a frost-free environment, then you can probably leave the pumps and plants in the pond all winter. If you live where the ground freezes solid each winter, then you may have to bring in the pumps, the sculptures, and perhaps even the plants and drain the system. Designing an easy-to-maintain system is important in cold climates.
  • Pumping Water: In almost every system you’ll need a pump to move water up a waterfall or aerate a pond. Stagnant water leads to mosquitoes and algae buildup. Purchase the right-sized pump for the amount of water you’ll be pumping, and consider solar pumps to reduce the electrical costs.