Winterizing Roses

Winterizing Roses

As we prepare for our first frost of the season soon, we want to highlight the best way to winterize your Roses. All Rose Varieties You probably wouldn’t think it, […]

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Bringing Your Houseplant in for Winter

Since the vast majority of houseplants are actually tropical plants, they need to be moved indoors once the night temperatures regularly begin falling below the 50’s. Inspect your plants. Look […]

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Fall Pruning

As Fall continues, we will see most of our landscape begin to go dormant. While it may be tempting to just cut everything down to the ground or to prune […]

Planting Fall Bulbs for Spring Blooming

Planting Fall Bulbs

Even though Fall just arrived, I am already anticipating those pretty colorful blooms of early Spring bulbs. I’m a sucker for Spring and when I see those Crocus – I […]

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Planting & Caring for Pansies

The Fall chill in the air is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about Pansies (and their little sister, Violas). These cheerful fall flowers give bright […]

Step 3 Lawn Care

Step 3 Lawncare

From early Spring through Summer, the focus was on fertilizing and weed control. This month your primary goal is to feed your lawn. As temperatures begin to cool, you can […]

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Gardening Calendar: September

September is when we all begin to feel like LAWNS Apply step 3 Fertilome lawn fertilizer with weed preventer. Click here for a link to our DIY homeowner lawncare program. (DO NOT […]

Fall Vegetable Gardening

Preparing Your Fall Garden

We know – it’s still hot and you just got back from the beach to find your tomatoes have ripened! Even so, it’s time to start thinking about your fall […]