Step 1 Lawncare

Step 1 Lawn Care

The weather will be staying warm soon and if you haven’t already – it’s time to get started with Step 1 of ECH’s 4 Step Lawncare! This month, through March, […]

Control grubs in your lawn

There are several types of grubs that are active in our lawns. I broadcast an insect control and watered the product into the soil. Look what I found wiggling on […]

Climbing Plants on a Trellis

Join The Green People at our Colonial Heights location this Saturday, March 21st at 10AM, as we present an instructive and enlightening seminar on how to grow stunning plants on […]

It’s Potato and Onion Time

One potato…two potato…three potato…more. Yes folks, at Evergreen this year we have five varieties of seed potatoes…the old time favorite Kennebec, Yukon Gold, Red Pontiac, Irish Cobbler and Blue Adirondack. […]

Planning Your Veggie Garden

Looking for ways to reduce the food bill? Wanting to try a new project with the kids? Just want to get outside and enjoy the spring…whether you are brand new […]