Feed Your Roses

Hybrid roses, such as floribunda, hybrid tea, and climbing roses, are picking up steam and maybe even flowering already in some parts of the country. In colder areas they’re setting […]

Caring for Winter-Damaged Shrubs

For many regions of the country, this has been a tough winter on shrubs. Numerous ice and snow storms have caused broken branches and limbs. Cold temperatures and drying winds […]

Growing Magnolias

One of the treasures of spring is the magnolia tree in full bloom. There are about eighty different species of magnolias and hundreds of varieties. Many are native to the […]

Growing Radishes with Kids

To keep kids excited about edible gardening, you have to make sure there are some quick rewards. One of the best vegetables to grow for almost immediate satisfaction is radishes. […]

Healing Oils of the Bible Seminar

This Saturday, The Green People are hosting a special educational workshop for our customers even though it does not have anything to do with gardening. We just think this workshop […]

Growing Redbuds

One of the earliest and most brilliant trees to flower in the landscape is the redbud. Even if you don’t know the name redbud, you probably still know the tree […]

Creating Structures for Kids’ Gardens

When planning your garden with your child, instead of first focusing on the vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers you’ll be growing, consider starting from another place. Garden structures offer the […]

Backyard Poultry Gardening

The Green People are all about having fun with your backyard gardening AND we have an opportunity to share something a little different with you. Please join the Green People […]

Spring Lawncare

Gardeners in East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia are anxious to play (and plant) in their gardens, their landscapes and in their lawns. The weather this winter has been very cold […]

Growing Dandelions

While most people are looking for ways to get rid of dandelions in their lawns and gardens, I think more people should be eating them. When I was a boy […]

Reviving Old Apple Trees

You can see old apple trees across the country in abandoned fields and meadows and around older homes, reminders of a past life and era. Homeowners might inherit an old […]

Start Onions from Seed Indoors

While it’s easy to purchase onions at the grocery store in winter or the farmers’ market in summer, there’s something special about growing your own varieties. Onions are not just […]

Composting in your Garden

The Green People invite you to attend our School of Gardening this Saturday, 10AM at our Riverport Road location. This seminar is the second in a 3-part series on early […]

Caring for Valentine Flowers

Giving cut flowers on Valentine’s Day is big business. It’s estimated to be worth more than $400 million. Probably the most popular cut flowers given on Valentine’s Day are roses. […]

Grow Lettuce Indoors with Kids

It’s hard to get kids to eat and enjoy greens during the cold winter months. That’s why growing lettuce under lights indoors is such a good idea. Not only does […]

Safe Houseplant Pest Controls

It’s great to grow a variety of houseplants to decorate and enliven your home. Many of these can become long-time residents, growing to great heights and sizes. They can become […]

Growing Ferns Indoors

Although they are not loaded with flowers or covered with textured leaves, houseplant ferns can be very rewarding to grow. They thrive in bright, low-light conditions, come in a wide […]

Planning Garden Statuary

Gardens are composed of many elements and one of the most popular nonplant elements is statuary. When I say “statuary,” many gardeners might think of a large statue of David […]

Designing Your Formal Garden

While the most recent design wave to hit landscapes and gardens features cottage gardens and a more naturalistic planting of trees, shrubs, and flowers, some gardeners still prefer a formal […]

Selecting Specimen Trees

Some gardeners get frustrated when trees in their yards create shade and prevent lawn grass from growing. But the right tree in the right location can be a magnificent sight. […]

Designing a Shade Garden

Winter is a great time of year to sit back and dream of new gardens to grow in your landscape. One trend that continues across the country is shade gardening. […]

Award-Winning Annual Flowers

My gardening juices are flowing with the change of the calendar year. A great way to get inspired about new varieties to grow in your garden is checking out the […]

Evaluating Holiday Plants

The holidays are over, and now it’s time to clean up and get the house back in order. But some of the gifts won’t easily fit in a cupboard or […]

New Tomato Varieties

Tomatoes are the number-one vegetable grown in our gardens. But as much as everyone loves growing tomatoes, they aren’t without problems. Insects, diseases, and weather conditions can turn a promising […]

Begonias as Houseplants

Although they are mostly gown as an outdoor shade plant, begonias can also make beautiful houseplants. Many begonia types have attractive, colorful leaves, so even if they don’t flower indoors […]

Poinsettia Care

One of the standard flowers for the holidays is the poinsettia. This Mexican native is actually a 10- to 15-foot-tall shrub in warmer climates. Originally varieties of poinsettias were red. […]

Holiday Decorating with Evergreens

While holiday trees get all the attention this time of year, don’t forget boughs, swags, and centerpieces when decorating your home. Boughs of evergreens can make an attractive centerpiece on […]

Grow Amaryllis from Bulbs

Amaryllis bulbs are a great gift to give a budding gardener. The bulbs are easy to grow to flowering and, if cared for properly, will bloom again next winter. These […]

Unusual Small Holiday Trees

The holidays are coming up fast and many families are looking for that special holiday tree to decorate and display in their living room. But what if you live in […]

Building Wooden Raised Beds

This in-between period when most gardens are dormant and, hopefully, the snow isn’t flying quite yet is a good time to do a few construction projects such as building wooden […]

Teaching Kids about Earthworms

Every gardener and kid is probably familiar with the earthworm. These wiggly little creatures are fascinating for both adults and children. While we generally assume earthworms are good for the […]

Caring for the Birds

While our priority is keeping our trees, shrubs, and flowers healthy in winter so they will come back and grow strong in spring, we shouldn’t forget our feathered friends. Many […]

Storing Garden Tools for Winter

While the temptation is to just pile your garden hoes, rakes, shovels, hoses, and other tools into the corner of the garage, shed, or basement for winter, it pays to […]