November Gardening Calendar Header

Gardening Calendar: November

November definitely isn’t time to halt in the garden and landscape. It’s a great time to “put things to bed” per say. You may have already completed some of these […]

Step 3 Lawn Care

Step 3 Lawncare

From early Spring through Summer, the focus was on fertilizing and weed control. This month your primary goal is to feed your lawn. As temperatures begin to cool, you can […]

June July Gardening Calendar Header

Gardening Calendar: June/July

(Note: Some tasks from last month can carry over into this month due to the closeness in the season. If you have already performed any of these tasks, enjoy the […]

Spring Weed Control

Spring Weed Control

Weed control is a very important topic this time of year. You have likely seen a lot of weeds pop up in your landscape areas quickly over the past few […]