What Not to Prune in Spring

Spring Pruning

Warm weather have you itching to start cleaning up your landscape beds? Be careful when pruning so to not prune the wrong plants. The exception to the pruning rule is […]

November Gardening Calendar Header

Gardening Calendar: November

November definitely isn’t time to halt in the garden and landscape. It’s a great time to “put things to bed” per say. You may have already completed some of these […]

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Fall Pruning

As Fall continues, we will see most of our landscape begin to go dormant. While it may be tempting to just cut everything down to the ground or to prune […]

Early Summer Pruning

Early Summer Pruning

Early summer is here and is a great time to prune back specific plants. Pruning can be intimidating because of timing so we hope this helps make your early summer […]

Native Planting

Beauty of Native Planting

Native plants are plants that naturally thrive in our region. These plants require less water & maintenance in addition to providing beauty and wildlife benefits. Our tree & shrub department […]