Evergreen’s logo

This is where Evergreen’s logo started several years ago. (circa 1970). There was a national initiative created to fund a marketing campaign to get people aware of Green Survival – It All Depends on You. It did not last very long! We adapted this logo, with consent, as part of our logo. Bill Robinson added […]

Raising Succulents & Cactus

Join The Green People at Evergreen Home and Garden Showplace Saturday, January 23 at 10am for a FREE talk on caring for and growing succulents and cactus Did you know, not all succulents like sunlight? Some succulents don’t even look like they belong in the family! We will introduce you to haworthias, gasteraloes, echeveria, kalanchoe, […]

Karen Gibson

I have been employed with Evergreen for 18 years. I grew up in Gate City, VA and was introduced to gardening at a very young age by my Daddy. He and I were like two peas in a pod – we raised families, vegetable gardens and planted lots of flowers. After marrying and nurturing two […]

Growing Poppies

There is something ephemeral about poppies. While the Oriental poppy is a large perennial plant with big showy flowers in spring, I favor the more delicate, seeded poppies that flower in spring or fall depending on your location. These include the California poppy, Icelandic poppy, and Shirley poppy. I love their paper-thin, colorful flowers that […]

Feed Your Roses

Hybrid roses, such as floribunda, hybrid tea, and climbing roses, are picking up steam and maybe even flowering already in some parts of the country. In colder areas they’re setting buds and getting ready for June blooms. In either case, these heavy feeders will need some supplemental fertilizer to keep them growing strong. For landscape, […]

New Tomato Varieties

Tomatoes are the number-one vegetable grown in our gardens. But as much as everyone loves growing tomatoes, they aren’t without problems. Insects, diseases, and weather conditions can turn a promising crop into a disappointment. To lessen the risk of poorly grown tomatoes, it’s important to select varieties that are adapted to your region. All-America Selections […]

Begonias as Houseplants

Although they are mostly gown as an outdoor shade plant, begonias can also make beautiful houseplants. Many begonia types have attractive, colorful leaves, so even if they don’t flower indoors in winter, they will still look interesting. While you can overwinter the common wax-leaf begonias, there are others that make better houseplants. The rhizomatous begonias, […]

Poinsettia Care

One of the standard flowers for the holidays is the poinsettia. This Mexican native is actually a 10- to 15-foot-tall shrub in warmer climates. Originally varieties of poinsettias were red. Now there are more than one hundred varieties in colors such as white, pink, purple, and speckled. Some people even paint their poinsettias to make […]