You’re invited to Evergreen’s School of Gardening workshops on Composting in Your Garden this Saturday at 10AM at both of our locations. Ben Hunter, Certified Master Gardener, retired chemist, retired volunteer fireman and gardener for over 63 years, presently has over 100 raised garden beds at his home. Ben will share his composting ideas at our Colonial Heights location. He has implemented several techniques that eliminate much of the back breaking work of gardening, which include the use of raised beds and an extensive use of compost. Ben is a compost enthusiast and will share his expertise and experience with turning kitchen, lawn and landscape waste into compost you can use in your garden.

Composting Oct 2014

Earl Hockin, Master Gardener and former Biology school teacher, will share his ideas on composting at our Riverport Road location.

Both of these local experts have years of experience in composting and gardening. Bring your own ideas to share with others who are attending these workshops; and who knows, Ben and Earl may even learn something new!

Our seminars this Saturday at both locations will start at 10AM.

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