Four Season Gardening

Our first frost is just weeks away so now is the time to start harvesting the last of your summer vegetables and cleaning up your garden. It is satisfying to know you have labored since spring and raised your own food this summer. But why put away your hoe and take a vacation from the garden? :Let’s just call that a ‘gardencation’. You can still continue to grow food all the way through the winter.

Come to Evergreen at our Riverport location this Saturday at 10am and join Earl Hockin as he shares his secrets to the four seasons of a garden. He will review what to grow during the cool season and yes, even what will grow when we have inches of snow on the ground. Imagine eating fresh picked from the garden Brussels Sprouts on Thanksgiving Day. You can even have fresh lettuce and greens for Christmas and could be harvesting carrots for Valentine’s Day.

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