Bye Bye, “Garden Of Weedin’” Hello, Green Lawn!

Bye Bye, “Garden Of Weedin’”… Hello, Green, Green Lawn!

The garden of weedin’… you know, I used to be the guy that everyone blamed for their weed problems because of my lawn.

Well, they were right, til I started on Evergreen’s Four step lawn care program featuring Shultz fertilizers.

Understand – it’s not some magical “whiffle” dust; no, it’s a year long program of four easy steps that keeps my lawn well fed and controls most weeds.

In fact, just a few days ago I applied Step 2, Shultz Weed & Feed and I can already see a difference.

The folks at Evergreen told me to apply it in the morning while the grass is still wet with dew and the weed killer will do a better job. And you know what, they were right, I see weeds curling up to die.

And my grass is greener every day! Thanks to the right products and advice from the lawn experts at Evergreen, I went from the garden of weedin’ to the “yard of the month”.

So now, when the neighbors as me for lawn care advice — I just send them to talk to the Green People at Evergreen Home & Garden Center in Colonial Heights… the lawn experts.

garden of weedin' to beautiful green grass lawn

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