2023 Garden Trends

As the weather warms, many of us are thinking about our gardens! Here are some anticipated trends for 2023 to get your inspiration going…

Cut Flower / Bouquet Gardens

Cut flowers are beautiful and there is something even more special about knowing that you grew your own bouquet! Try Cosmos, Zinnias, & Sunflowers,& Calendula for easier to grow choices. Accent with perennial options including Peony, Calendula, Coneflowers, Delphinum, Salvia, Yarrow, Aster, Roses, Tickseed, Sweet Pea, & more! Don’t forget to add some greenery in such as ferns or even Dill whose light interesting foliage and blooms would make a beautiful contrast.


Cottage Gardens

Romantic, light, & closely planted – cottage gardens are seeing a big upswing in popularity. Allium, Lavender, Catmint, Dianthus, Yarrow, Black Eye Susan, Phlox, Shasta Daisy, Coneflowers, Delphinium, Hollyhock, Foxgloves are just a handful of flowering perennials you can choose.



Replacing the traditional lawn

Instead of time consuming mowing, watering, fertilizing, & weeding, homeowners are turning their lawn areas into meadows, patchworks, & functional garden spaces. Low maintenance and pollinator friendly are big reasons why we see these rising in popularity.




Houseplants began to see a resurgence in 2020 and have continued to do so. In addition to the traditional benefits such as improved air quality and feelings of mental well-being – it has also become a collectors hobby with people being interested in more unusual and harder to find houseplants.



Native planting

Using plants native to our area is becoming a more popular way to create a garden. Not only are they friendly to pollinators and local insect habitats – they are best suited for their growing area and require less water and tolerate poor conditions and poor soil better.




A growing trends for indoors is coming to the outdoors! Maximalism encourages color, volume, & textures. Often eclectic – they encourage a fun and vibrant feel.




Vertical Gardening

Particularly popular with apartment & condo dwellers or those with minimal yard space, vertical gardening increases the useable space of an area whether you are growing flowers or edibles.



If any of these trends sound appealing, we encourage you to look more into them. Pinterest is a fantastic resource! We can’t wait to help you guys choose what you need for your gardening this year!

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