Low Light Houseplants

If you have read our houseplant light guide then you may now know that you have low light conditions. Don’t worry though! While artificial lighting is an option to use a wider variety of houseplants, you can also choose from plants that tolerate lower light areas without the need for supplemental lighting.

Note: Houseplants grown in low light areas will grow slower & need water less frequently than those in brighter light areas.

  1. Peace Lily – Popular and frequently purchased houseplant that is low in care.
  2. ZZ Plant – One of the hardiest plants – it will tolerate low light and needs infrequent watering. Low light may produce a taller leggier plant instead of a shorter bushy plant
  3. Snake Plant/Sansevieria – Available in a wide variety different sizes and variegation – Sansevieria are very low care plants.
  4. Neanthe Bella/Parlor Palms – These Palms are more tolerant of low light conditions compared to other Palms that require brighter light areas.
  5. Heartleaf Philodendron – A vining plant that has low care. They will grow more vining and long in lower light areas.
  6. Lucky Bamboo – Actually a variety of Dracaena that is very low care. You can buy them in single stems or grown into interesting shapes.
  7. Chinese Evergreen/Aglaonema – Available in a variety of colors  – the traditional green variety does the best in lower light. It may grow taller vs bushier when given low light.
  8. Cast Iron Plant – There is a green variety and a variegated variety called ‘Milky Way’. Both varieties tolerate low care and low light.
  9. Nerve Plant – A good choice for terrariums – this is a smaller low growing plant.

Have questions about other plants light requirements? Just reach out and our greenhouse team will be happy to help you!

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