At 10AM this Saturday, at both Evergreen H&G Showplace locations, the Green People will share our tips on fall lawn care.

We will discuss what types of fertilizer are needed to apply to an existing lawn that just needs a fall feeding, how to get seed-to-soil contact when reseeding your lawn, how to adjust the pH of your lawn areas so grasses will grow rapidly this fall, and how to control moss in your lawn.

Green grass and Pansies









Some other topics that we will discuss this Saturday include:

For existing lawns

De-thatching, aerating and slit seeding

pH testing and adjusting soil acidity

Fertilizing an existing lawn

Insect control

Weed control

For new lawns

Types of grass seed





Evergreen 4 Step Lawn Care Program


Join the Green People this Saturday at 10AM. Each seminar will be a little different because each location has its own personality but you’ll learn how to make your lawn the GREEEEENEST in your neighborhood.

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