This Saturday, January 10th at 10AM Evergreen H&G Showplace will present an innovative and interesting Make and Take Workshop, Making Babies. The cost of this workshop is $25 but you will take home a box full of starter plants that you can grow in your home.

Growing new plants from parent plants is a fun way to increase the number of houseplants in your home…that’s how we expand some of our foliage inventory to have new plants available for our customers.

Join the Green People as we take a walk through the greenhouses and grow new babies. We will introduce you to the different ways to propagate our plants. Come play, get dirty, visit with other gardening friends and go home with a bunch of starter plants you helped grow!

This promises to be one of our funniest, most exciting events this year, so plan to be a part of a creative learning experience.

The cost for this Make and Take Event will be $25. We will be dividing and cutting up lots of our foliage plants to create babies for you to take home. Plant to expand your indoor garden this winter!