Looking for ways to reduce the food bill? Wanting to try a new project with the kids? Just want to get outside and enjoy the spring…whether you are brand new to vegetable gardening or have been gardening for a long time, this workshop promises to get you inspired to pick up the seed catalogs, jot down a few ideas and start mapping your year round garden plans.

Join the Green People in the first of a two part session as we share with you easy, no pain ways to grow your own food. From selecting the right style of gardening, to finding the right location, we will guide you in the direction you need to be successful.
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In this part, we will learn about our unique Southeast climate, how to determine your soil type & fix it, review water needs, and take a peek at the veggies themselves! We will discuss what plants to grow from seeds, what to buy as transplants as well as the value of heirloom plants. Finally we will exams some secrets to make less work and more fun in the garden.