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The Fall chill in the air is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about Pansies (and their little sister, Violas). These cheerful fall flowers give bright color against the dreary winter landscape. They can be planted now in the ground or in containers. In fact, if just some of your flowering summer annuals have fizzled out – simply replace them with Pansies! They are sturdy little flowers that have the longest bloom time of any annual flower in our area – thriving from Fall right through next Spring! You can use a single color or mix and match your favorite colors – they come a wide variety of colors and the best selection is always found in early Fall.
A few key tips for Pansies:
1. Careful not to tear the roots when removing the plant from it’s grow pot
2. Provide well-drained soil (you can amend your ground soil or use a good quality potting mix for containers)
3. Plant Pansies right at soil level being careful not to plant too deep
4. Apply Fertilome Root Stimulator after planting and then weekly for the first few weeks to help them develop strong roots before cold weather
5. Be careful not to overwater BUT if it’s still warm outside when you plant then keep an eye on their moisture level. Wherever you plant, just use your finger to test the soil. If it’s dry to the first knuckle then it’s time to water. (Note that pansies in the ground won’t need as much water as pansies in containers)
6. Container pansies will appreciate an application our slow release Bloomkote fertilizer while ground pansies will appreciate our slow release Bloom Booster fertilizer.
7. If desired, mulch with some lightweight pine needles or pine bark humus.
When the coldest & wettest part of winter comes, you might notice your pansies looking less than fresh. Never fear – they bounce back fast! You can mulch them with some pine needles or pine bark humus.
Most of all – enjoy the fall & winter cheer they bring!

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