Planting Fall Bulbs for Spring Blooming

Even though Fall just arrived, I am already anticipating those pretty colorful blooms of early Spring bulbs. I’m a sucker for Spring and when I see those Crocus – I know it’s right around the corner! Now is the time to plan for and purchase your Spring blooming bulbs but don’t plant until around the last week of October/early November.

Planting is really easy and we have it broken down for you below…

  1. Good soil prep! You want loose, porous, well-drained soil. Good drainage for bulbs is a must! You can try adding peat moss or other soil amendments to lighten up your soil if it’s too heavy.
  2. Mix in little bone meal for some long lasting phosphorus – phosphorus is crucial for bulb and root growth.
  3. The planting depth of bulbs depends on their size and should be listed on any bulb packaging. If it’s not listed, a  rule of thumb to go by is that the depth should be 3x the diameter of the bulb.
  4. The spacing of the bulbs depends largely on the overall look you desire. We think that larger clumps look better than a single row but you do what YOU want to do.
  5. After planting, water gently to set them in. Don’t overly soak the soil.
  6. Wait until Spring 🙂

You can also visit the great resources with our friends at Dig Drop Done!

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