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Planting Mix Or Potting Mix


Evergreen Complete Potting Mix

Ready to use potting soil for new pots, planters, hanging baskets and any other type of container planting. It is a well-drained soil that does not need any other amendments. Just add BloomKote plant food to keep your plants growing.

Evergreen Premium Planting Mix

Used to incorporate with your existing soil as you plant new trees and shrubs in the ground. In most planting situations, we recommend that you dig the hole 2 times as wide as the container diameter and only as deep as the container. This will insure that your plant is not going to be planted too deep.How to plant a tree or shrub:

Add 1/3 organic product, like Evergreen Premium Planting Mix, with 2/3 existing soil. Use Fertilome Root Stimulator whenever you transplant any living plant to increase root growth and your plant’s easy transition into its new ‘home’ in the ground.
If the roots have started to circle around the inside of the pot, cut the roots vertically about 1/4 inch deep to force the roots to grow into the new soil.

Backfill with your prepared soil, water in to settle any air pockets, and add more soil to the top of the original ground level. Add 2-3 inches of Evergreen Pine Bark Mulch and your tree or shrub is ready to grow in your garden

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