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Tree & Shrub Warranty

We are confident in the health of our trees & shrubs – so confident that we offer a one year warranty on our trees & shrubs! In the event your tree(s)/shrub(s) fail to live within the first year of purchase, we will give you a store credit equal to the original purchase price.  How does the warranty work? It’s simple! Just bring in your dead tree(s)/shrub(s) to the store along with your guarantee and receipt! The credit can be used towards any purchase the same day or exchanged for a gift card to use at a later date.

Please note, plants purchased as a replacement are not guaranteed a secone time. The guarantee and receipt you receive at purchase must accompany the dead plant. The intent is to cover the funds you paid for the tree(s) and/or shrub(s) – not to provide a replacement tree(s) and/or shrub(s).  This guarantee is not transferable in the event your
home or business is sold. Exceptions include, but are not limited to, tree(s) and/or shrub(s) in above ground containers and those grown indoors. We will warranty each tree/shrub sold under this guarantee one time – replacement plants are not guaranteed a second time.

Other questions? Just reach out to us at 423-245-4679 or info@evergreenofch.com