The holidays are coming up fast and many families are looking for that special holiday tree to decorate and display in their living room. But what if you live in an apartment or smaller home and you don’t have room for the traditional holiday tree? You can sometimes find smaller cut, live Christmas trees, but there are other live alternatives that are functional and make great conversation pieces. Try theses small trees as holiday decorations in your home this season:908

  • Rosemary: Rosemary trees are becoming more popular around the holidays. They are trimmed into a tree shape and have attractive gray-green needles. Of course, their biggest calling card is their scent. If you keep your rosemary in a brightly lit room and don’t overwater it, the plant should easily last through the holidays and may even survive until next spring.
  • Cypress: There are small versions of this hardy shrub that work great as a holiday tree. Choose one with green or golden needles. Keep it in a brightly lit room and water regularly. This is not a houseplant and will grow into a large tree eventually. But for winter just grow it indoors until the weather warms, and then plant it in your yard.
  • Norfolk Island Pine: This traditional houseplant makes a fun holiday tree. The branches are horizontal, so it doesn’t have that standard pyramidal shape we expect from holiday trees. However, it is an easy-to-grow plant. It will tolerate some shade and grow fine. Just water it as you would any other houseplant and this holiday tree will become a permanent fixture in your home.
  • Olive Tree: If you’re looking for something very unusual, consider the olive. In warmer climates this tree grows huge. But smaller versions are often available around the holidays, and they can make interesting trees with lights and decorations. The olive tree is less finicky than the rosemary tree for care, but is definitely not your usual indoor tree. In warmer climates it can be planted outdoors in spring.