Have a Greeeeeeen Lawn!

Have a Greeeeeeen Lawn!

It’s time to apply ‘Step 2’ of Evergreen’s 4-Step Lawncare Program. Step 2 is ferti·lome® Weed-Out plus Fertilizer, which is a new 12-week controlled-release fertilizer with a weed control that eliminates over 200 different weeds. You should apply this application to your lawn about 6-8 weeks after using Step 1 or when weeds are in abundance.

It is very important to apply ferti·lome® Weed-Out plus Fertilizer properly. It is best to apply this product early in the morning when the grass is still damp with dew. This allows the weed control to best adhere to the target weeds. You should apply when rain is not predicted for 36 hours after application.

Because we are experiencing an early spring this year weeds are already invading our lawns. When selectively treating weeds becomes necessary, Evergreen suggests ferti·lome® Weed Free Zone to economically target your specific weed and has both spray-type and granular products that can be used effectively.

Is Bermuda grass a problem in your lawn? Turflon Ester is really a ‘miracle in a bottle’. The best time to apply this control is when Bermuda grass turns green.

There are different lawn enhancements that you can apply at this time. An application of Ironite® Mineral Supplement will add extra iron for the darkest, greenest lawn in your neighborhood. Pelletized lime can be applied at this time to control soil acidity. Normal rates are one 40# bag per 1000 sq. ft. Gypsum can be applied instead of lime to add nutrients and to loosen the soil without changing your soil pH.

Untreated lawns are often heavily infested with sub-surface grubs at this time. Grubs are the most devastating soil insects in this area. Their root-feeding habit destroys root structure leading to brown dead areas in a few weeks. Existing grubs can be controlled with our 24-HOUR Grub Killer for immediate control. If our Season Long Grub Control was used last year your lawn is probably grub free for this spring but it should be applied again from May through August.

The Green People look forward to working with each of you this year. Don’t hesitate to call, email or Facebook us with any of your lawn care questions!

Thanks, The Green People.

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