Join The Green People at our Colonial Heights location this Saturday, March 21st at 10AM, as we present an instructive and enlightening seminar on how to grow stunning plants on a trellis. The Green People will teach which climbing plants will provide you with the most dramatic results in your area.

Climbing and TrellisWant to grow up rather than out? Want to add some privacy to your patio? Want to create a stunning vertical dimension to your landscape? This visual interest can easily be created by using a trellis, patio rails, or fencing. With our large selection of trellises and climbing plants, you will easily be able to add the abundance of color and drama you dream about!

Join the Green People at Colonial Heights as we share with you how simple it is to get a climbing plant to provide dramatic results. The staff will provide you with all the information necessary to create a spectacular climbing plant to your landscape or patio. Whether it is sun or shade, in the ground or in a container, the staff has the answers you are looking for!