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EARN: During designated times during the year

SPEND: During designated periods specified each year – typically around the last week of June through the first week of July.

What are E-bucks?

  • E-bucks are short for “Evergreen Bucks”.  You earn one E-buck for every $10 you spend at Evergreen of Colonial Heights during the earning period. An E-buck is worth the value printed on it. They come in $1, $5, $10, & $20 increments. You will get physical E-buck to hold onto at checkout. Make sure you keep it in a safe & memorable spot. We cannot track your E-bucks for you.

How to earn E-bucks?

  • It’s simple – just come in and shop! E-bucks can be earned on regular and sale pre-tax purchases.
  • Example: spend $20 before tax and get $2 E-bucks.

What is excluded from E-bucks?

  • E-bucks cannot be earned on gift card purchases, labor, landscape, or delivery services. E-bucks can also not be redeemed towards these categories.

How do you use E-bucks?

  • When the redemption period starts – you can use your E-bucks you have earned towards up to 50% of your purchase before tax!
  • Example #1: You have $20 in E-bucks. You purchase a $40 planter to which you can apply all $20 E-bucks towards and pay the rest in your preferred payment method (cash/check/card)
  • Example #2: You have $20 in E-bucks. You purchase a $30 planter to which you can apply $15 of your E-bucks leaving you with $5 to spend before the redemption period ends.
  • E-bucks do not all have to be used in a single transaction – just make sure to spend them before the end of the redemption period.
  • E-bucks cannot be saved for use the next year. Each year the E-bucks change color and have year’s information on them.

Other questions about E-bucks? Feel free to reach out to us!