Hens & Chicks – Oh My!

Working in the greenhouses at Evergreen H&G Showplace allows me the luxury of being surrounded by some of nature’s most wonderful flowers and plants. By far my favorite is a succulent, commonly known as Hens and Chicks. Hens & Chicks grow well indoors and out, in cool or hot temperatures. Hens and chicks plants are […]

Indoor Houseplants 101 Seminar

It’s cold outdoors and you are probably already getting tired of winter. At Evergreen Home and Garden Showplace, we have a perfect solution to chase away your winter blues. Come to Evergreen on Saturday January 17th for our FREE indoor gardening seminar, Houseplants 101. Having a green thumb is not something everyone is born with! […]

Preparing a New Garden Bed

By Charlie Nardozzi Fall is the perfect time to get your new flower or vegetable garden beds ready. If you are considering starting a new bed in a lawn area or an area with vegetation, instead of stripping the sod or digging up the plant matter, consider building your garden on top of the vegetation. […]

Teaching Kids about Holiday Cactus

By Charlie Nardozzi With the holidays on the horizon, one plant that will be featured in many homes is the holiday cactus. This succulent not only offers beautiful holiday color, but also allows you to teach your kids about plant growth and flowering. Here’s how to create gardening activities for your kids involving holiday cactus: […]

Shrubs for Fall Color

By Charlie Nardozzi October means beautiful colors in many of our native forests and landscapes. While much of the attention in autumn is on the beautiful foliage of trees, many shrubs also play a role in the fall spectacle. Here are some shrubs to grow for fall color in your yard: Fothergilla is a native […]

Naturalizing Bulbs

By Charlie Nardozzi Fall is the time to plant spring-flowering bulbs such as tulips, hyacinths, and crocus. While these bulbs are beautiful and a joy to see in spring, other spring-flowering bulbs are easier to care for. If grown properly, naturalizing bulbs will spread throughout your yard, creating drifts of color in spring. Some will […]

Fall Lawn Care

By Charlie Nardozzi If you live in a part of the county where you grow cool-season grasses such as fescue, Kentucky bluegrass, and perennial ryegrass, then fall is the time of year to really focus on your lawn. Fall is a great time to fertilize, aerate, overseed, and topdress your lawn, getting it ready for […]

Winter Survivor Pansies

Winter Survivor Pansies are guaranteed to come back next spring. Plant Winter Survivor Pansies now for brilliant color, then enjoy them again next spring. We have many, many colors of pansies to chose. Mix and match them for stunning color displays. Pansies are easy to grow, require little maintenance and will provide a beautiful spring […]

Ripening Your Vegetables

By Charlie Nardozzi September can be an overwhelming month in the vegetable garden. With lots of tomatoes, melons, zucchini, and cucumbers still pouring in on top of the greens, roots, and other crops, you sometimes lose track of the fact that a killing frost may be right around the corner. To get the largest harvest […]

Climbing Vines for Fall

By Charlie Nardozzi Our gardens get lots of fall color from shrubs, trees, and annual and perennial flowers. But you can also use climbing vines to brighten the fall landscape. Not only do some perennial climbing vines provide a screen on a fence, shade under a pergola or arbor, and decoration for a wall, but […]

Revitalize Your Fall Containers

If your spring/summer planters need to be revitalized you have a great opportunity to get them replanted FREE next week. Starting on Thursday at 9AM, at either of our locations on Riverport Road or in Colonial Heights, we will plant your containers FREE and add enough time-released BloomKote fertilizer to keep them healthy and blooming […]

Fall Garden Mums

Now that the summer flower season is coming to an end and cooler temperatures are on the way, many gardeners in East Tennessee flock garden centers in early fall browsing thru the new shipments of hardy garden mums. All of the mums that we receive are hardy and they will return to flower next late […]

Making Salsa with Kids

By Charlie Nardozzi The vegetable harvest is coming on strong, so this is the perfect time to engage your kids in a little garden eating and cooking. One fun and easy dish to make with your kids is salsa. Most home gardens have the ingredients to make a variety of salsas, and helping with the […]

Growing Rudbeckias

By Charlie Nardozzi Rudbeckias, or black-eyed Susans, are a favorite late-summer wildflower in many areas. These plants are easy to grow, naturalize quickly, and give your yard or meadow years of color. Newer varieties with larger flowers and more diverse colorings have expanded the range of rudbeckia options. However, these newer hybrids may not be […]

Preserving Cut Flowers

Charlie Nardozzi We all love the beautiful annual and perennial flowers of summer that our gardens are producing. And it’s always a treat to cut some of the best blooms and bring them indoors for display. But keeping those beautiful blooms looking good inside can be challenging. Often the flowers will wilt and fade after […]