Companion Planting in Edible Gardens

Companion Planting in Edible Gardens

Companion planting is an age-old gardening technique that involves strategically planting or not planting different crops in proximity to each other to enhance growth, deter pests, and maximize space. This […]

Raised Bed Gardening for Beginners

Raised Beds for Beginners

Raised bed gardening has gained popularity among gardeners of all levels for its numerous benefits, including improved soil conditions, better drainage, easier access, & limited space. Whether you’re looking to […]

Pollinator Gardens & Plants

A mix of annual & perennial blooming plants can create a gorgeous and functional garden for pollinators such as Butterflies. Whether you create a garden dedicated to feeding pollinators throughout […]

Growing Sunflowers

Growing Sunflowers

Sunflowers are possible the flower that represents summer the best. Aside from the traditional sunflower – they come in a variety of colors, textures, & heights. They make a great […]

2024 Garden Trends

Garden Trends: 2024

As the weather warms, many of us are thinking about our gardens! Here are some anticipated trends for 2024 to get your inspiration going… Moody/Gothic/Dark Deep colored leaves & flowers […]

Seeds – Preparing for Spring

Seeds (Preparing for Spring)

For those with large gardens or those who just want to start particular seed varieties from scratch, it’s time to start thinking about seeds! Staring planning and purchasing now! It […]

Caring for Birds in Winter

Caring for Birds in the Winter

Winter’s chill brings with it a myriad of challenges for our feathered friends. While many animals adapt to the changing seasons by migrating or hibernating, wild birds face the bitter […]

Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control

It’s summertime and that means lots of time outside! Spending time outdoors is a wonderful way to connect with nature, relax, and enjoy time with family and friends. However, pesky […]

Veggie Gardening Beginners

Veggie Gardening Tips

Growing your own backyard produce not only provides you with fresh from the garden taste but also gives you a feeling of satisfaction. This year we encourage you to try […]

Choosing Tomato Varieties

Choosing Tomato Varieties

Tomatoes are our most popular vegetable every single year. We carry a huge selection of tomato varieties (but still nothing close to the roughly 10,000 varieties available!) If you get […]

Pet Safe Houseplants (2)

Pet Safe Houseplants

We love our furry friends and we love our pets! We want to make sure that they can co-exist peacefully. Dogs can be a little easier than cats because it […]

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What Not to Prune in Spring

Spring Pruning

Warm weather have you itching to start cleaning up your landscape beds? Be careful when pruning so to not prune the wrong plants. The exception to the pruning rule is […]

2023 Garden Trends

Garden Trends: 2023

As the weather warms, many of us are thinking about our gardens! Here are some anticipated trends for 2023 to get your inspiration going… Cut Flower / Bouquet Gardens Cut […]

February Gardening Calendar Header

Gardening Calendar: February

If you already performed some of these tasks in September – then no worries! More seasonal tasks sometimes can overlap from month to month. GENERAL LANDSCAPE Clean garden tools if […]

Low Light Houseplants

Houseplants: Low Light Choices

If you have read our houseplant light guide then you may now know that you have low light conditions. Don’t worry though! While artificial lighting is an option to use […]

June July Gardening Calendar Header

Gardening Calendar: June/July

(Note: Some tasks from last month can carry over into this month due to the closeness in the season. If you have already performed any of these tasks, enjoy the […]

Climbing Plants on a Trellis

Join The Green People at our Colonial Heights location this Saturday, March 21st at 10AM, as we present an instructive and enlightening seminar on how to grow stunning plants on […]

It’s Potato and Onion Time

One potato…two potato…three potato…more. Yes folks, at Evergreen this year we have five varieties of seed potatoes…the old time favorite Kennebec, Yukon Gold, Red Pontiac, Irish Cobbler and Blue Adirondack. […]

Indoor Houseplants 101 Seminar

It’s cold outdoors and you are probably already getting tired of winter. At Evergreen Home and Garden Showplace, we have a perfect solution to chase away your winter blues. Come […]

Preparing a New Garden Bed

By Charlie Nardozzi Fall is the perfect time to get your new flower or vegetable garden beds ready. If you are considering starting a new bed in a lawn area […]

Sprouting Exotic Plants with Kids

By Charlie Nardozzi With the outdoor garden tucked in for the season in most areas, all the gardening attention has moved indoors. Finding winter gardening projects to do with your […]

Teaching Kids about Holiday Cactus

By Charlie Nardozzi With the holidays on the horizon, one plant that will be featured in many homes is the holiday cactus. This succulent not only offers beautiful holiday color, […]

Shrubs for Fall Color

By Charlie Nardozzi October means beautiful colors in many of our native forests and landscapes. While much of the attention in autumn is on the beautiful foliage of trees, many […]

Layering Bulbs in Compact Spaces

Now is the time to plant spring-flowering bulbs in most areas of the country. While we delight in seeing large swaths of daffodils, crocus, and tulips in bloom, many gardeners […]

Getting Amaryllis to Rebloom

Amaryllis bulbs form beautiful, large flowers in winter to help remind us of the warmer weather to come. Amaryllis bulbs can also be grown for a number of years and […]

Naturalizing Bulbs

By Charlie Nardozzi Fall is the time to plant spring-flowering bulbs such as tulips, hyacinths, and crocus. While these bulbs are beautiful and a joy to see in spring, other […]

Fall Lawn Care

By Charlie Nardozzi If you live in a part of the county where you grow cool-season grasses such as fescue, Kentucky bluegrass, and perennial ryegrass, then fall is the time […]

Composting for Your Garden Workshops

You’re invited to Evergreen’s School of Gardening workshops on Composting in Your Garden this Saturday at 10AM at both of our locations. Ben Hunter, Certified Master Gardener, retired chemist, retired […]

Winter Survivor Pansies

Winter Survivor Pansies are guaranteed to come back next spring. Plant Winter Survivor Pansies now for brilliant color, then enjoy them again next spring. We have many, many colors of […]

Apple Activities with Kids

By Charlie Nardozzi   Fall is apple time in much of the country. One of the most popular outdoor activities to do with your kids is to go to the […]

Ripening Your Vegetables

By Charlie Nardozzi September can be an overwhelming month in the vegetable garden. With lots of tomatoes, melons, zucchini, and cucumbers still pouring in on top of the greens, roots, […]

Climbing Vines for Fall

By Charlie Nardozzi Our gardens get lots of fall color from shrubs, trees, and annual and perennial flowers. But you can also use climbing vines to brighten the fall landscape. […]

Revitalize Your Fall Containers

If your spring/summer planters need to be revitalized you have a great opportunity to get them replanted FREE next week. Starting on Thursday at 9AM, at either of our locations […]

Fall Garden Mums

Now that the summer flower season is coming to an end and cooler temperatures are on the way, many gardeners in East Tennessee flock garden centers in early fall browsing […]