The Evergreen Garden Club is our way of showing appreciation to you, our customer, and is designed to reward you with eBucks that you can use to save during our eBuck Redemption Period, plus special savings and other benefits.
On every purchase at either of our 3 locations, you have earned points throughout the year (from June 23, 2012 thru June 22, 2013). For every $10 that you spent with us, you earned one Evergreenbuck. These points have accumulated through the year and can be redeemed during our annual eBuck Redemption Period that starts this Friday. You can use each eBuck as $1 for up to 1/2 of your purchase.
If you have chosen to share your email address with us, you can redeem your eBucks one day earlier.

Example: If you purchase $34 during our eBuck Redemption Period, you can use up to 17 eBucks and pay only $17 for your purchase.

eBucks will expire at the end of each Redemption Period.

It is our desire that you enjoy your shopping experience with Evergreen H&G Showplace, joining our family of happy customers and staff.

Benefits of membership:

FREE Garden Club membership. No card required, but recommended.

FREE eBucks with every purchase.

FREE eBucks Redemption Day at beginning of Redemption Period for our special email customers.

FREE subscription to our electronic GreenTips newsletter.

FREE Special Pricing