With summer in full swing, your baskets and flowers are probably getting a bit tired looking. They are probably in great need of a little bit of maintenance!


Just as we get haircuts to keep ourselves looking fashionable and well-maintained, plants need to be trimmed to stay in top form. Cutting plants back encourages them to branch and break nicely and continue blooming spring through fall.

Start with a pair of gardening scissors or pruning shears.

Identify shoots to trim. A shoot is new growth coming from the side of the plant. Take a shoot and cut at a node, which is a joint right above the leaf. The leaf joint is a natural break. Look for new flowers coming and make sure you don’t trim them off. Cut right above the bloom. This will encourage the shape of the plant and more blooms will come again.

There is no set time to trim plants, but if you see straggly growth that’s wild and inconsistent, you can tidy it up.
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from Jane’s Just Cool Stuff