The decorating staff, The Green People at Evergreen H&G Showplace on Riverport, have been at it again this holiday season. If you were one of the over 250 people who attended Ladies Night Out this past Friday, you were able to experience the festive lights, theme-decorated Christmas trees, holiday music AND those tree toppers.

When I asked Karen about her next workshop, this is what she told me. “Henere, if you only heard how many times I have customers ask, How do I get my tree toppers to look like the ones you do on all these trees here at Evergreen?” So I think we should have a demon800stration on how to make all of these tree toppers. I’ll take glittered picks, ribbons, flowers and even cut some tree limbs and create something fun and spectacular so that our customers can have that same look to enjoy through the Christmas holidays.”

Join Karen and The Green People this Saturday at 10AM at our Riverport Road location to learn how to make your own custom tree topper or get on the list for Karen to make one for you. Don’t wait until the last minute as Karen is in full demand this time of the year.

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