Harvesting Storing Herbs

Harvesting & Storing Herbs

Herbs are hitting their peak for best harvest. Harvesting is best done mid to late morning after the dew has dried but the hot sun will not wilt cuttings. While […]

August Gardening Calendar

Gardening Calendar: August

We know – it’s hot outside – but it’s still important to take some time to check some gardening tasks off your list this month. GENERAL LANDSCAPE Fill your birdbaths […]

Late Summer Garden Tips

Late Summer Garden Tips

Your garden has likely been producing full swing this last month. Here are some tips as your garden continues to produce or even stop producing… If your tomato plants were […]

June July Gardening Calendar Header

Gardening Calendar: June/July

(Note: Some tasks from last month can carry over into this month due to the closeness in the season. If you have already performed any of these tasks, enjoy the […]

Early Summer Pruning

Early Summer Pruning

Early summer is here and is a great time to prune back specific plants. Pruning can be intimidating because of timing so we hope this helps make your early summer […]

Native Planting

Beauty of Native Planting

Native plants are plants that naturally thrive in our region. These plants require less water & maintenance in addition to providing beauty and wildlife benefits. Our tree & shrub department […]

May Gardening Calendar Header

Gardening Calendar: May

Note: Some tasks carry over from April into May so if you have already performed them then just mark that off the list! LAWNS An important note about seeding & […]

Black Spot

Rose Care: Black Spot

Black spot is a common fungal disease that most often affects Roses. Black spot start as dark blotches on the tops of leaves and eventually causes the leaves to yellow […]

Powdery Mildew

Rose Care – Powdery Mildew

Powdery mildew is a common fungal disease that commonly affects Roses but also affects other plants. Often happning in the early summer when the days are hot and the nights […]

Dividing Perennials

Dividing Perennials in Spring

It’s a great time to divide your perennials and it’s easy during this early emergence period. Monkey Grass, Hosta, Coral Bells, Aster, Sedum, Salvia, Coneflower, Black Eyed Susan, Ornamental Grass, […]

Spring Pruning

Spring Pruning

Spring is a key time for pruning tasks – we break down what to prune during Spring in today’s blog. If you are pruning in March – read this article […]

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Spring Fertilization

Since the weather is warming – many plants have emerged from hibernation in the past couple weeks. Last month, we talked about some fertilizing in the earliest of Spring. Today […]

Spring Weed Control

Spring Weed Control

Weed control is a very important topic this time of year. You have likely seen a lot of weeds pop up in your landscape areas quickly over the past few […]

Step 2 Lawn Care

Step 2 Lawn Care

Evergreen of Colonial Height’s Custom 4 Step Lawncare Program is tailored help you have a lush and green lawn with minimal weeds. The time to apply Step 2 runs from […]

April Gardening Calendar Header

Gardening Calendar: April

We have compiled a list of some gardening tasks that can be completed in April. This list is not exhaustive so if you have any other questions about a specific […]

Landscape Weed Control

Weed Control in the Landscape

weed \ ˈwēd  \ (noun) : a plant that is not desired where it is growing Weeds can be an unsightly in the landscape. There are two different types of weed control products you should use […]

Spring Fertilization

Early Spring Fertilization

Fertilizing not only provides increased growth but gives plants the proper nutrients they need to grow healthy, as well! Spring is a great time to fertilize as your plants prepare […]

Early Spring Color

Early Spring Color

While you’re waiting for your spring blooming perennials, go ahead and deliver a shot of color to your landscape with cold hardy annuals that will tolerate the cold early Spring […]